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Cocktail Artistry at The Oaklander!

Step into the world of craft cocktails with our immersive mixology class at Spirits & Tales, nestled within the exquisite ambiance of The Oaklander Hotel.
Join us for an evening of creativity and libations as our expert mixologists guide you through the art of concocting out-of-this-world cocktails. Learn the secrets behind balancing flavors, mastering techniques, and garnishing like a pro.
Unwind in a luxurious setting, surrounded by fellow enthusiasts, as you shake, stir, and sip your way to mixology mastery. Elevate your bartending skills and gain insights into the world of premium spirits.
Whether you're a novice or a seasoned bartender, our cocktail mixology class offers a unique and interactive experience that's perfect for friend’s night out, team-building, or simply indulging in the world of sophisticated spirits.

Become a Master Mixologist!

To inquire about booking, reach out to or 412.297.4060 and get ready to craft, shake, and savor your way to becoming a cocktail connoisseur!

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Absolute must! Booked this mixology class to wind down after a busy week with colleagues and was so glad I did! We loved the communal table concept as we were able to mingle with fellow wannabe mixologists over the 2 hours we concocted 3 classic cocktails. Our mixologist was energetic and made a connection with each of us as he explained the ingredients. He even had a surprise cocktail that held us over during transitions if we already finished sipping what we had just created. Would highly recommend as a solo or group experience!